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Hello everyone, and welcome to understand Qiu Di’s morning paper on October 16


In international football, in the early hours of this morning, the first round of the German Cup started. Although Bayern only sent a rotation lineup, several new aids and teenagers have played brilliantly. Shubo-Morting double-clicked + Zaidian was selected as the best player of the game. , Saar also had a good performance to complete the assists and scored twice. The defending champion finally beat the German fifth-level team Dylan 3-0; the Golden Boy Award also announced the 20-person candidate list, Sancho, Fati, Harlan De lead.

在国际足球比赛中,今天凌晨,德国杯第一轮比赛开始了。尽管拜仁只派出轮换阵容,但几名新的助教和少年们表现出色。 Shubo-Morting双击+ Zaidian被选为游戏的最佳玩家。 ,萨尔也有出色的表现完成助攻并得分两次。卫冕冠军终于以3-0击败了德国第五级球队迪伦;金童奖还宣布了20人候选人名单,桑乔,法蒂,哈伦·德领跑。

In terms of the football epidemic, Seville central defender Conde has been diagnosed with a new infection. This is also the third French U21 player to be infected with the new crown in recent days. Cacre and Gondozi have been diagnosed before this; Juventus U23 The echelon also added two new confirmed cases; Paris midfielder Herrera has declared that he has recovered from the new crown.


In domestic football, the Chinese Football Association has given up hosting the 2022 AFC U23 Asian Cup; the first stage of the Chinese League has also come to an end. In the end, Chengdu, Taizhou, Meizhou, Zhejiang, Changchun and Kunshan entered the championship group. Other teams will Relegation group.


At 2:45 on October 16, Beijing time, in the first round of the German Cup, Bayern faced Dylan. In the first half, Shupo-Morting's shot was blocked, and then Thrall assisted Shupo-Morting to break the deadlock, Shupo-Morting made a point, Muller hits a penalty kick, and Costa beats the goal outside the instep. Out. In the second half, Mushala made a low shot and missed. Shubo-Morting's single-handed shot was saved. Then Shubo-Morting's shot was cleared. Shubo-Morting scored a long shot from outside the penalty area. In the end, Bayern 3-0 Dylan.

北京时间10月16日凌晨2:45,在德国杯的首轮比赛中,拜仁面对迪伦。在上半场,Shupo-Morting的射门被封堵,然后Thrall协助Shupo-Morting打破僵局,Shupo-Morting得分,Muller罚点球,Costa在脚背外打入球。出来下半场,穆沙拉拉开出一记低射而未命中。 Shubo-Morting的单手射击已保存。然后,Shubo-Morting的射门被清除。 Shubo-Morting在禁区外得分远。最终,拜仁3-0迪伦。

On October 16, Beijing time, Sevilla officially announced that the team's center defender Conde tested positive for the new crown. He has been isolated at home.


"Torino Sport" announced the latest list of 20 candidates for the 2020 Golden Boy Award. Harland, Fati and others continue to be selected, and French star Camawenga is also among them.


On October 16, Beijing time, Chelsea officially announced that the team's wingback Moses joined Sparta Moscow on loan for a season.


After updating the value of Premier League players in the German transfer market, the team's value ranking was also released. Liverpool ranks first with 1.1 billion euros worth of value. The top ten teams in the Premier League account for half of the country.


According to Catalan radio station Cat Radio, Barcelona proposes to hold a referendum against Bartomeu on November 1st and 2nd.

据加泰罗尼亚广播电台Cat Cat称,巴塞罗那提议于11月1日至2日对Bartomeu举行全民公决。

On the afternoon of October 15, Beijing time, Hertha Berlin officially announced that Gondozi was infected with the new crown virus.


Due to the severe rebound of the local epidemic, the British government decided to start a second wave of city closure plans. Liverpool’s local bars, gyms and other places will be closed for the second time from Wednesday. On the eve of the lockdown, the local people in Liverpool were partying all night, and almost no one wore masks. The Premier League CEO proposed to open the stadium before, but the British government does not intend to do so. The Merseyside Derby kicked off at Goodison Park on October 17, fans will still watch it on TV.

由于当地疫情的严重反弹,英国政府决定启动第二轮城市关闭计划。利物浦当地的酒吧,体育馆和其他地方将从星期三起第二次关闭。在封锁的前夕,利物浦的当地人整夜聚会,几乎没有人戴着口罩。英超联赛首席执行官曾提议开放体育场,但亚搏视频下载app英国政府无意这样做。 10月17日,默西塞德德比(Merseyside Derby)在古迪逊公园(Goodison Park)开幕,歌迷们仍将在电视上观看。

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Herrera confirmed in personal social media that he has recovered from the new crown]


According to official Juventus news, after a new round of virus testing, two other confirmed cases were found in the U23 echelon, a player and a staff member.


On the afternoon of October 15th, Beijing time, the AFC officially announced that the Chinese Football Association would give up hosting the 2022 AFC U23 Asian Cup.


In the fifth round of the Spanish Second Division, the Spaniard played against Alcocon at home. Wu Lei started and was replaced after halftime. De Thomas scored. Recently, Wu Lei said that his coach had said before the game that he would only play halftime.


On October 15th, Beijing time, the Chinese Premier League ended the first stage of the competition. In the end, Chengdu, Taizhou, Meizhou, Zhejiang, Changchun and Kunshan entered the championship group, while other teams were left in the relegation group.


Officially confirmed by the Chinese Premier League, the second stage of the game is confirmed, the super group competition will be held in Chengdu, the relegation group 1 will be settled in Meizhou, and the relegation group 2 will be played in Changzhou.


According to official media reports of the Chinese Super League, on the afternoon of October 14th, Beijing time, the two divisions of Suzhou and Dalian held a media communication meeting for referees of the Chinese Super League through online video connections.


AC Milan star Kaka talked about Messi and Ronaldo in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. He said that they are like Federer and Nadal in tennis.


Fernandez said in an interview that the rumors of a quarrel between him and Solskjaer during the Tottenham defeat were false news.


On October 15th, Beijing time, in the UEFA Europa League match between Portugal and Sweden, Liverpool's new aid Diogo Jota helped Portugal defeat their opponents 3-0 with two shots and one pass. After the game, he talked about his feelings as a substitute for Ronaldo.

北京时间10月15日,在葡萄牙和瑞典之间的欧洲联赛中,利物浦的新援Diogo Jota帮助葡萄牙以2比1的比分3-0击败了对手。赛后,他谈到了自己替代罗纳尔多的感受。

Messi said on Thursday that inequality is now one of the biggest problems in today's 亚搏app开奖网society. He believes it is necessary to provide water, electricity and food support to those in need during the epidemic.


In an interview with a reporter from Gazzetta dello Sport, Vieri praised Ibrahimovic when talking about the Milan Derby. He said: "Ibrahimovic can kick the Milan Derby with a cigarette."


03:00 fagianem vs Paris Saint Germain

03:00 fagianem vs巴黎圣日耳曼

15: 30 CSL Dalian people vs Shijiazhuang Yongchang

15: 30 CS LD阿联people vs Shijiazhuang Yong长

19:00 西甲 塞维利亚vs格拉纳达

19:00 西甲 塞维利亚vs格拉纳达

21:00 Serie A, Naples vs Atalanta


21:30 Bundesliga Hoffenheim vs Dortmund


22:00 Premier League Chelsea vs Southampton


22:00 La Liga CELTA vs Atletico Madrid


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